Li Shi xia, Introduction
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Li Shixia
A list,
Li Shixia, female, pen name "orchid heart" and "blue tea", the famous contemporary writers, artists and art critics. Originally from henan gushi county, now settled in Beijing.
Graduated from normal colleges, engaged in education work first, later transferred to the transport sector. Part-time local daily newspaper, magazine editor, sino-foreign joint venture company executives.
At present in China cultural heritage protection center (head of the ministry of culture), and the calligraphy and painting committee, deputy director of the office; At the same time as the world Chinese businessman magazine editor-in-chief, secretary general of the China painting and calligraphy artist association, etc.
Born in scholarly family, from childhood, energetic, diligent persistent, well-read, in literature, philosophy, astronomy, geography, botany and the humanities has dabbled in the history of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, and in-depth research; At the same time, because the interests of learning calligraphy, drawing, writing all kinds of articles; Hobby music, like singing.
LiuJie, YanJie, the European model and han nationalities, the handicraftsmen "shu, post" shao creek poems such as ancient, elementary school to write Spring Festival couplets with your neighbors.
After work, busy, never give up writing, writing and painting.
Early scholars study the traditional Chinese painting landscape, after studying the eight master mountain man, banqiao flower-bird painting techniques, main LanZhu.
In September 2012 to July 2013 study calligraphy school high class research in China.
Second, the achievement
1, literature
Published prose, essays, nearly, medium and short story more than 10 units, such as "the road" in front of my house "" physical" true love "fishing" "rain" of the office "" silent narcissus" and "oh, that piece of persimmon Lin", referring to China's transportation newspaper "China highway signs up for" the world "" prose offprint" the modern express "calligraphy" march "and" banyan tree ", "starting point" and other national, provincial newspapers with the famous novel original website.
Continuous awards in the national grand prix prose, and "feel the moonlight" "trust is always beautiful" "woman impression" coconut island line, such as the yellow leaves falling income Wang Jianbing dozens of piece, "best works of literature grand prix" and "huai water rumours" "ink yangchun" "literature" and so on a number of essays.
Published urbanism kind of novel "woman flower" (nearly five hundred thousand words, Beijing yanshan publishing).
Another "father and mother" and "magic" 75 · 8 "water" and so on great biography literature and movie script several.
Current (b) not to at the beginning of the founding of China's huaihe river of historical novel "water! Water! Water!" Has completed the first draft.
2, calligraphy and painting
In many newspapers and magazines, such as "arts", "river," calligraphy "and" Chinese people "" home" and so on dozens of journal article landscape, flowers and birds, calligraphy and painting works for more than ten times the medium of painting and calligraphy exhibition.
Attended ZongCan held to celebrate the 86th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's liberation army, xi zhongxun's 100th birthday, and the seventieth anniversary of the victory of Anti-Japanese War, many large painting and calligraphy pen live; Participated in the large-scale public welfare activities for many times, such as yushu earthquake relief painting and calligraphy donation; In the 4th world poetry painting and calligraphy competition, won the first prize at the brink of jade people figure; At present, the existing two poetic exhibition of works to be included in the fifth session of the world exhibition in Taiwan.
Dozens of works, such as "a sweet pressure thousand red" "a sad dream" "dancing figure out" the feelings from the swaying of the incense to tea end oft the "beautiful never lonely, the acoustic yao I the company like RuanLang" looked away peaks lie orchid "(TiKuan content for almost all of the artist himself at painting business, figured largely as a sentence in the paragraph, or paragraph is called), etc., the national agency, Hong Kong and Taiwan business and personal collection.
3, art comments
Comment art article, "what is" meaning "in xieyi painting" the talk about raising "meaning" "MoZhu charm meaning long" and so on.
Third, work style
As some experts and scholars of the novel "woman flower" evaluation: "from a page, in the middle, to see the end, five hundred thousand - word extravaganza filled with enron through static gas, and atmosphere, JunQi, heroism, expensive gas and to resist the talent, the blundering in today's public morals, such 'six gas breakthrough, it is valuable", the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy also slowly diffuses out of this one "six gas", thanks to its otherwise, hard work, and not to no one but not fang, and free from vulgarity is bold and unrestrained, advocating personality, sharing the joy with thought people work, work that is people.
Because cool, all let nature take its course, but also because of the warm, due to the sensitive for beautiful things, has produced the pure static and set in one of the qualities of character, passion and smile always close feeling, a check move all entry; Scrawled splash-ink, such as walking in the empty valley, also like walking in the labyrinth of a small garden, natural and unrestrained calm, natural tiancheng, critics called the "become a row, a put is a scene".
Due to understand the word of "QuFaHuShang", so don't let your eyes rest only nearly, modern, nor by the ancients; Also due to understand the beauty of "try reading room spring scenery", so pick set many calligraphy and painting in ancient and modern famous artists, to absorb the essence of the sun.
Still unremitting pursuit of "beauty" on the ground, also comes from their own comprehensive qualities, his works inadvertently came to "xi ancient and the ancient, recent and the closer", created a large number of JianJing and noble, is angry and elegant dependency, witty and detachment blend, pure and old works, the literati paintings unique "spiritual, philosophical, deep, detachment and atmosphere, elegant", filling in the painting, picture out straight, highly praised by a number of master artists and critics.
Fourth, concise artistic thought
First, on "innovation"
People can't be too utilitarian heart, can't get rich quick, artist. Otherwise be created.
Many people are eager to innovation, to create "achievement", "personality" is not affected play delicate people out of breath, the power is exposed out of powerful sales, ink or tiny, or FuZhang, coloring "bold" no shape to abuse to see; Big, small, or with reinforcement without meat, or has a blank, shallow, posturing, and heavy and complicated, full paper vulgar taste sweet, tough and intrepid gas, vulgar overlap, finally only a acidity and weird that fate.
Calm and study ancient and modern, hard when you reach a certain degree of dharma practice, the natural character, and it is elegant and charming personality. Because people do not have absolutely the same. You came from nature and your skilled work will be different from the natural; You from a master name, skilled work also will be different from the teacher. Is the so-called "work to nature into".
Second, about "freehand brushwork"
Writing, painting must have a theme, the work want to tell the reader what, want to give the reader a what kind of impact, this is a writer, artist should first clear things.
And a writer, artist can give a person is what? That's his understanding, namely, his "meaning". Or sensory, or rational. The latter can have "dark" and "sunshine".
If just stay on the sensory understanding, often can only be visually depict things. Like photography, if you choose the scene of mediocrity, composition and coarse, that your work can only be inferior, even rubbish.
Rational knowledge is not the same.
In the face of a smile, for example, someone not be pleasing to the eye comfort, he think: the man to smile for no reason? It must be what is hidden inside attempt; See a kitchen knife, he can think of is not eat food, eyes only bloody carnage. And so on. This is the light and dark.
A good book, a good work, first to read (view) in a beautiful visual enjoyment, then feel bathed in spring sunshine of body and mind, let I left two characters, as if suddenly rush time streams still, aging and death of life never happen, let a person in an instant or gradually become good, morality, elegant and gentle, then finish run heart, years, thus changing a person's life, be not!
Good work will stand history scouring, one thousand in the past, experience is long cover is new, often to read (view) sigh, feeling of pleasure, clean and happy spirit.
Such works "meaning" high, this is we should try to target.
China xieyi painting, especially in spring, is purely a literati paintings, unlike claborate-style painting and western painting, it is concise in xuan birth, exaggeration of the brush is wanton writing calligraphy, so as to express feelings is a kind of painting.
Its pen features are: exaggeration and omit (is reasonable), art features are: spiritual, philosophical, deep, detachment, atmosphere and subtlety.
From the picture, if the heart gully, will only blindly to depict the craftsman and was unable to draw freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting; Only in bamboo pole pole, gully vertical and horizontal writing calligraphy in his fingers.
So xieyi painting from the literati, and only belongs to the style of attainments, even advanced scholars will be able to understand it. Such as the tang dynasty literary giant wei-he wang Wang Qia, to the song dynasty Keith c.,, Ming xu wei, etc. Later, this conforms to the aesthetic view of xieyi painting was unstoppable to inherit and everbright received quickly.
Someone says, "literati paintings represent the highest achievement of Chinese painting", letter!
Because the literati paintings have embedded, has a soul, it is worth the viewer ideological, ponder, let a person produce infinite aesthetic feeling and enlightenment, infinite pleasure and move, this is a kind of priceless spiritual enjoyment.
The real literati paintings should be xieyi painting. Diversity of the literati is will use half a year, or even longer to carved husbandry claborate-style painting like a photograph? On the other hand, will use gears time to draw a picture of claborate-style painting, to copy a picture of someone works except (practice), also certainly is not the real literati.
Spring, is one of the paintings in the weather, can be romantic poetry and literature have a ratio; Small freehand brushwork, retains to prose. And traditional Chinese realistic painting, my reasoning, it is at the exposition.
Also hold a stream of painting freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese people now became a spring. Greatly part of, I don't know the painter limits "artificial" a masterpiece was even can't draw money, after the topic name? What kind of font? Know it from the heart, also need not trying, and went directly "false boat", when through the topic painting scroll finally found a good word seems to be available, but cannot write, then or graffiti around wildly, or have a ghost to bluff.
Impetuous era, is bound to hatch out many strange like chaos.
It is conceivable that the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting works "means" is what! In addition to always put a pair of "potential of the wild", in addition to repeat others' things, the rest is just cheating yourself, the other will have?
Or otherwise, of course, the "containing". You look the eyes a picture of the swirling smoke of "fish" and "beauty", also have "'re incapable ", "speculation specializes in" kind words, and so on,, don't shout to out.
More sadly, many of the reward ICONS don't even look at TiKuan, even some make art comments also admitted that "basic never mind painting's handwriting, more don't look at the content of the painting style, as long as there is colored, screen ink composition visual aesthetic standards, especially famous painter painted several decades, the thing is good".
Thousands of years of Chinese civilization through the ages, summed up the poem calligraphy (India), is "writing carry doctrine" on, "ink kung fu", there is no "text", "dao", "ink" what!
"Lack of topic full of, painting silent sound of poetry." Who dare say TiKuan insignificant?
So, have a lot of Chinese word li algae comments out of work is not all good works; Be hype up send out an anxious burnt flavour masterpieces, also might as well can make some doubt; The painter is not literati, painting freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting is also is not profound.
So, work is actually a real level of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese is hard to find! In other words, a good picture is a picture is hard to find!
Third, about the "pet"
Xieyi painting is one of the mark symbol of Chinese civilization.
Already talk of a boutique xieyi painting (above) can let a person forget all trouble, let a person heart is full of sunshine, feel the great creation, the beauty of the world, so as to inspire people to love life and life, uplifting of the mood.
So, how to produce high-quality goods xieyi painting? The so-called "intended to pen" first, the good "meaning" (hereinafter referred to as "good") is from where come of?
Depending on the author's view, breadth of mind, character, taste, values, to explore the ability of natural humanities, and comprehensive cultural quality, little of course not pen and ink techniques.
These eight conditions (to have time, I would have to address each) is perfect, complete or incomplete.
The painting. It is hard to imagine an unlearned, mediocre, vulgar, or even ugly soul can breed style is simple and beautiful, elegant, bold, worthy of the world fleeing masterpiece.
Therefore, if you want to be a really good freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painter is how not easy, I don't know how much the lunisolar baptize, scroll of infiltration will be a man.
So, in a good "good pleasure", this is every artist must efforts direction.